Stereo Tool 8.12 (28-10-2016)

Er is een nieuwe versie uit van Stereo Tool. Deze geluidsprocesing kan je in combinatie met RadioDjSam Broadcaster en ProppFrexx gebruiken. Het is een goed alternatief voor Breakaway.  Versie 8.12:

  • Framework: Added support for upto 7(+7) threads, works much better on slower CPU's with many cores.
  • Framework: Added Quality settings > 100% (OmniaSST only). With this, latency can go down to 128 samples (5 ms analog input to analog output).
  • Framework: Smooth preset switching - no more hiccups if the same filters are used, also faster.
  • Linux version: High CPU load (100%) in one thread fixed.
  • Linux version: Made plugin for Rivendell (and other programs that want to use it). Not yet fully tested.
  • Linux version: Didn't run on Fedora. Fixed.
  • Memory usage reduced.
  • Sound cards: Resampler improved, now measures separate buffer filling and speed offsets.
  • AGC: Added Gain slider.
  • AGC: Added Windowing.
  • Compressors: Added Windowing.
  • Composite Clipper: Rules are there to be broken mode could cause occasional 1-sample overshoots. Fixed.
  • Low Latency monitoring: Affinity setting added.
  • Low Latency monitoring: Latency selection added.
  • Removed lower lowpass filter for high frequency input at lower latencies, not needed anymore.
  • GUI: Showing AGC gating the same way as for compressors
  • GUI: Low Latency monitoring: CPU usage display added.
  • GUI: Added 'Hear' buttons to listen to the output upto this point.
  • GUI: Fixed synchronization issue between meters, scopes and audio.
  • GUI: Help pop-ups also work on Mac OS X now.
  • GUI: Renamed PNR Noise & Hum to Dehummer.
  • Web server: Multi-threading added. Now handles upto 10 requests simultaneously.
  • Web server: no-cache added to objects.js.
  • Web server: Automatically add index.html if a directory is specified.
  • Web interface: Added white list for logging in.
  • Web interface: Added spectrum display for Delossifier and Absolute Highs.
  • Web interface: Buttons didn't work.
  • Generic plugin: Added option to make the plugin access input and output sound cards (Windows only).
  • Bug fix: Potential crash in ASIO when changing channels fixed.
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when zooming waveforms fixed.
  • Bug fix: Latency with ASIO was not fully predictable on restarts. Fixed, allows for slightly lower latencies.



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