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New version SHOUTcast 2.6.1

SHOUTcast released a new version at the end of January this year, namely version 2.6.1
It was about time for an update because the last version 2.6.0 dates back to 2019

The only change from version 2.6.1 from version 2.6.0 is that the DNAS and all functions that were previously premium functions can now be used for free again. AAC support can be used again and streaming at a bitrate higher than 128 Kbps in combination with SSL (https only under Linux)

Compared to version 2.5.5 SHOUTcast, which is still widely used in CentovaCast, among others, a number of things have changed.

Main changes 2.5.5 to 2.6.1:

  • Added SSL support for https streams (Linux only)
  • Added support for 32-char GUID-like Authhash (deprecated 20-char Authhash is still supported)

See here the change log from 2.5.5 to 2.6.1

After a lengthy testing period, we have decided to update version 2.5.5 and 2.6.0 to version 2.6.1 on one of our servers during our upcoming network maintenance.