SHOUTcast v2 and v1 is hosted in KPN data centre (xs4all) Cyber​center II in Amsterdam.

You can stream all these formats with SHOUTcast v2:

  • MP3
  • AAC+
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • Ogg*

Support for multiple streams on one SHOUTcast account. There is a new improved method for publishing your stream (New YP2 infrastructure) in version 2.
V2 has real-time ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Coming Up’ meta data updates and has better protection. We can also still deliver the old SHOUTcast version 1.9.8.

We work with fixed slots that are set to a maximum amount. Making sure you get no costs afterwards. We can increase the maximum amount of slots at any time. So you never pay more than what is necessary. Quality for a cheap fixed price with unlimited data usage!

Offer (you can listen to this everywhere):

50 slots on 128 Kb/s € 25.00 a month
100 slots on 128 Kb/s € 42.00 a month
50 slots on 192 Kb/s € 35.00 a month
100 slots on 192 Kb/s € 55.00 a month

Including a free web player!

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Why choose live-stream for SHOUTcast v2 hosting?

  • Very high quality servers (HP) in one of the best network/data centres in Europe
  • Years of experience of Icecast streaming with Linux (since 2006)
  • Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day with the following tools: Nagios and Cacti
  • High uptime 99.99%
  • 24/7 emergency number and during office hours technicians are present in DC
  • Free and unlimited support (telephone support)
  • Detailed statistics  can be checked at every 5 min per day, week, month and year
  • Flexible adjustment of slots on stream
  • Quickly set up of radio stream often within 1 business day
  • Your listeners don't have to download any plug-in to listen to our streams
  • Opportunities to try first
  • The mailing list is automatically informed of maintenance and activities
  • Free sub-domain

Terms and Conditions of streaming SHOUTcast:

  • Minimum 20 downloads per stream.
  • Prices are per month and exclude VAT.
  • Invoicing for streaming is a month ahead.
  • If the total streaming amount is under 10 € per month it will be charged automatically on a two-monthly basis.
  • You can terminate the contract at any time after the first 2 months.

You are solely responsible for the content of your stream and you must be responsible for notifying Buma Stemra and Sena.

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