Centovacast v3

You can easily manage and watch your stats through a control web panel with Centovacast. AutoDJ is also a feature in Centova cast.

Summary of possibilities of Centovacast Pro v3:

  • SHOUTcast v1, v2 or Icecast v2 (KH)
  • Album Cover Services
  • DJ Account Support
  • Crossfade Threshold & Crossfade Length Options
  • Statistics, Trends listeners, Top Countries, Top Players etc.
  • Web interface for file management & mp3 uploads
  • Automatic Requests Widget
  • Multiple mounting points/different encoders per mounting point
  • MP3 and/or AAC+ encoders for AutoDJ
  • Google Maps Widget


For the Auto DJ you need a streaming package (see offers) + for mp3 storage see below:

Auto DJ 1000mb € 7 p.m.
Auto DJ 2000mb € 12 p.m.
Auto DJ 3500mb € 15 p.m.
Auto DJ 5000mb € 20 p.m.

Below are some screenshots of Centova cast v 3.x:





























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