AzuraCast (autodj systeem)

In test fase... Autodj systeem (like CentovaCast) : (wij zoeken test gebruikers, gratis)




  • Manage your Media: Upload songs from the web, organize music into folders, and preview songs in your browser.
  • Create Playlists: Set up standard playlists that play all the time, scheduled playlists for time periods, or special playlists that play once per x songs, or once per x minutes.
  • Set Up Live DJs: Enable or disable live broadcasting from streamers/DJs, and create individual accounts for each streamer to use.
  • Take Listener Requests: Let your listeners request specific songs from your playlists, both via an API and a simple public-facing listener page.
  • Analytics and Reports: Keep track of every aspect of your station's listeners over time. View reports of each song's performance and
  • Station Autopilot: AzuraCast can automatically assign songs to a playlist based on the song's impact on listener numbers.
  • Delegate Management: Create and remove separate administrator accounts for each station manager.
  • ...and more.

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