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Sam Broadcaster Pro 2019 updates

Hieronder de laatste 2 updates informatie voor versie 2019 voor Sam Broadcaster Pro.
Wij zijn reseller en deze laatste versie kan je hier kopen

-v2019.2 (10 June 2019)
* MariaDB support.

v2019.1 (20 March 2019)
* New “File Manager” within Playlist window allows you to browse your tracks by folder where tracks are stored (i.e. by file storage location).
* “File Manager” allows you to rescan a specific folder (and optionally sub-folders) to add new tracks and remove deleted tracks.
* smPlaylistOrder selection logic. Clockwheel can select items in ordered Playlist to play in that exact order.
* Fade settings can be typed in for more accuracy.
* Clock settings – change colors or switch to 24 hour mode. (Right-click on clock)
* New Scheduled Event type – ability to trigger Countdown Timer with optional flashing effect.
* Fixed bug where items dropped on a Playlist name result with “sortID” calculated incorrectly. You may need to re-create your playlists you wish to use with smPlaylistOrder.