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MSCP pro update to 3.0.0.

We hebben de nieuwe MSCP pro versie 3.0.0. geinstalleerd en hieronder zijn de veranderingen en verbeteringen:

  • Systemd startup MSCP services minor bugfixes
  • Support HTTP/2 protocol on MSCP httpd webserver, NGINX proxy and NGINX video server (https)
  • Support IPv6 on NGINX stream proxy and NGINX video server
  • Info panel API output (json and xml) (examples on “Info Panel Generator” page)
  • Playlist panel API output (json and xml) (examples on “Playlist Panel Generator” page)
  • Remove very old text-based info- and playlist output
  • Down-/uploadable SAM Broadcaster Classic configuration folder: ~/autodj/sambc (Pro+)
  • SAMBC.core.xml correction before starting SAM Classic (Reset misconfigured API port). (Pro+)
  • Add Sam Broadcaster PRO support (Pro+)
  • Sometimes SAM restarts several times after installation bugfix. (Pro+)
  • Admin template AutoDJ list category bugfix
  • FFMpeg video AutoDJ sometime missing info in user page bugfix (Pro+)

Info panel/widget:
If the info panel does not work on the client’s website, it must be regenerated.
The format of the API outputs may change later.

SAM Broadcaster Classic:
All SAM Broadcaster Classic configuration files are only available after reinstallation!
Import/export of SAM Broadcaster database is only possible with MySQL Adminer or phpMyAdmin.
MySQL Adminer is integrated with MSCP Pro+. Available with superadmin access on admin page.

SAM Broadcaster Pro:
To activate SAM Broadcaster Pro, log in as superadmin and add this to the admin. Then you can add it to the user.