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Nieuwe versie SHOUTcast versie 2.5.5 Build 732 binnenkort beschikbaar voor Centovacast gebruikers

SHOUTcast heeft een nieuwe versie uitgebracht, deze versie zijn we nu aan het testen en zullen we binnenkort beschikbaar stellen voor onze Centova Cast gebruikers.
Zie hieronder de veranderingen:

2.5.5 Build 732

  • Improved codec handling
  • Allow for per-SID logging (eg streamlogfile_2=…)
  • Improved rate limiting for SC2 clients
  • Allow better scaling with multiple SC2 streams
  • Improved header parsing in a few odd cases
  • Log message cleanups
  • Fixed wrongly reported “vbr” stream
  • Fixed hang on intro/backup files
  • Fixed relay getting stuck as inactive
  • Fixed pre-roll content via auth for SC2 clients
  • Fixed various rare crash cases
  • Updated internal libraries to more recent releases:
  • Updated: libcurl 7.53.1
  • Updated: OpenSSL 1.1.0e
  • Updated: zlib 1.2.11
  • Updated: expat 2.2.0

2.5.1 Build 724

  • Fix libcurl i686 32bit lib build (ssl was broken)
  • Avoid forced icy metadata for Roku and WMP
  • Purge adverts not used in some time, frees up memory for re-use
  • Adjust automatic cpu scaler
  • Drop to HTTP/1.0 in most responses
  • Use correct IP for stats engine, xml stats were wrong for XFF
  • Improve buffer handling
  • Dropping pragma/expires header