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Centova Cast v3.2.7 uitgebracht

Centova Cast versie 3.2.7 is uitgekomen, deze versie bevat een aantal kritieke beveiligingsupdates , een aantal nieuwe functies , en vele bug fixes. Wij zullen zo snel mogelijk de update uitvoeren, wij zullen dit in overleg doen met onze klanten.
Momenteel hebben wij de upgrade al uitgerold op een test machine.

Nieuwe mogelijkheden

  • Added support for Google Maps API Keys and Client IDs
  • Added enable_http_ports script to automatically reconfigure Centova Cast’s web interface to use ports 80 and/or 443


  • Update Let’s Encrypt support with new Let’s Encrypt licensing policy URL
  • Limit value ranges for crossfade and sample rate input fields
  • Remove sensor option in GMaps script tag
  • playlist_advanced event handler now receives ‘trackid’, ‘playlistid’, and ‘playlist’ arguments
  • IceCast source sample rate is now considered during state detection when bitrate is unset
  • getstatus API call now returns source IP address as sourceip when available
  • Update setssl script to preserve old Let’s Encrypt configuration on failure
  • Update log rotator script to better handle non-web interface logs
  • Sorting accounts list by data xfer limit/disk quota now applies a secondary sort by usage as well
  • Upgrade to v5.6.25 (security update)


  • Fixed bug in which weekly/monthly/yearly scheduled playlists would not be played late if an earlier track played past end-of-day
  • Fixed regression breaking song title codes for Liquidsoap
  • Fixed incorrect permissions on newly-created ondemand directories
  • Fixed bug in which accounts-per-page preference might be lost under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug in which single-character SLDs wouldn’t be accepted in email addresses
  • Fixed bug in display of “Other” in user agents pie chart
  • Fixed bug in which accounts-per-page preference might be lost under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug in which reusing reserved mount point names could cause duplicates in listener list
  • Fixed improper SSL context configuration in HTTP client code
  • Fixed regression affecting IceCast mount point names with extensions
  • Fixed bug in which playlist_advanced event hook might not be invoked
  • Fixed bug in which non-ASCII characters were stripped from arguments to event handler shell scripts
  • Fixed issue with unlimited fields
  • Fixed upgrade query issue