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Centova Cast upgrade versie v3.2.2 03-8-2015 11:00 AM

Wij gaan op 03-8-2015 (maandag ochtend) om 11:00 de Centovacast server upgraden van versie 3.2.1 naar de laatste versie 3.2.2.
In de nieuwe versie zitten veel verbeteringen voor uw als radio station die we graag willen doorvoeren.

De verbeteringen zijn:

  • Added support for overselling data transfer and disk space
  • Added option to specify on a per-account basis the action for exceeding disk/transfer limits
  • Added metadata ignore feature allowing clients to exclude matching metadata strings from statistics
  • Added ASCAP music sessions metric to listener statistics
  • Added option to enable/disable SMTP TLS peer hostname verification

Opgelost zijn:

  • Dramatically improved statistics load time for high-volume streams
  • v2.2.x upgrade script now tests the PHP interpreter on the 2.x server
  • Allowed self-signed certificates during SMTPS peer verification
  • Disabled SMTP TLS peer hostname verification by default
  • Fixed several errors introduced by ionCube Encoder v9
  • Fixed error in jPlayer start page theme
  • Fixed API errors when using superuser staff accounts
  • Fixed bug in duplicate DJ username check
  • Fixed bug in which FDK-AAC/Opus could not be enabled by clients under certain scenarios
  • Fixed fatal error in album data source handler
  • Fixed potential warning when importing M3U files containing invalid characters
  • Fixed regression in raw config file editor