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Centova cast upgrade versie 3.2.1 op 29-6-2015 11:00 AM

Wij gaan op 29-6-2015 (maandag ochtend) om 11:00 de Centovacast server upgraden van versie 3.2.0 naar de laatste versie 3.2.1.
In de nieuwe versie zitten veel verbeteringen voor uw als radio station die we graag willen doorvoeren.

De verbeteringen zijn:

  • Start pages now use new web player widget
  • Added new higher-performance parallel log processing script
  • Upgraded PHP engine from v5.4 series to v5.6
  • Update IceCast installer to install v2.4.1
  • Added additional debug features to cc-control
  • Added memory limit configuration options
  • Changes to accommodate jPlayer’s fragile and finnicky nature
  • Removed lower-than-default dynamic memory limits in various parts of the code
  • FTP server configuration changes are now preserved through FTP server upgrades
  • Make mediascan run as root to allow resource limit increases via ulimit
  • Centova Cast is now started automatically after installation

Opgelost zijn:

  • Fixed bug in DJ login time handling
  • Fixed bug in which creating certain folder combinations could break file manager navigation until page reload
  • Fixed bug in which session timestamps were not saved in UTC
  • Fixed bug in which settings would not be written to DNAS2 config files if no pre-existing value was found
  • Fixed error when backing up empty directories under virtual host directories
  • Fixed Liquidsoap error when saving certain settings through the client area
  • Fixed Liquidsoap issue with filenames containing ‘=’
  • Fixed Liquidsoap issue with mono MP3 files
  • Fixed regression breaking start page jPlayer instances
  • Fixed regression breaking v2 exporter
  • Fixed regression causing error with certain event scripts
  • Fixed regression in which ‘Change password’ button was not shown for reseller accounts
  • Fixed regression in jPlayer start page skin
  • Fixed regression preventing resellers from editing client accounts
  • Fixed time zone offset calculation issues in historical statistics
  • Fixed bug in which secure link secrets would not be generated for control daemon installations
  • Fixed bug in which staff members could not access account rename feature
  • Fixed bug in simplebackup script when using remote servers
  • Fixed harmless warning from cron job caused by lock file race condition
  • Fixed inaccurate status message from firewall updater
  • Fixed bug in which secure link secrets would not be generated for control daemon installations
  • Fixed “unsupported operand types” error during track selection