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Nieuwe versie Centova Cast v3.1.2

Complete lijst van veranderingen in Centova Cast v3.1.2 (Centovacast word binnenkort geupdate op onze servers):

Nieuwe functies

  • Add support for staff accounts
  • Update icons and visual “polish”


  • Reduced probability of track repeats when using GR playlists with very few tracks
  • Ignore GR time restrictions if all non-time-restricted GR playlists are empty
  • autoDJ will no longer be started if no autoDJ mount points are configured
  • Added tooltip when enabling autoDJ with no autoDJ-enabled mount points
  • Update PHP and libpng to address several security issues


  • Fix warning message upon generation of totally blank emails
  • Fixed XML parser bug with numeric element names
  • Fixed error in tracks cleanup
  • Fixed potential issue with SessionManager include
  • Fixed regression preventing display of username associated with event log entries
  • Fixed various issues in API documentation

interne veranderingen

  • Launched new build/deployment system allowing new Centova Cast features to be more easily launched to test channels, improving overall stability of the “stable” channel