Stable Icecast versie 2.4 uit!

Na 5 beta versie's is de nieuwe versie Icecast 2.4 eindelijk uit. Wij hebben de nieuwe Icecast versie al in test fase en zullen deze binnenkort ook gaan leveren.
Ook hebben wij sinds kort de Icecast 2.3.3 KH10 versie beschikbaar. Check hier: KH versie en waarom.

Zie hieronder de verbetering van versie 2.4:

  • Support for Ogg Opus streams
  • Support for WebM streams
  • HTTP 1.1 PUT support for source connections. Deprecating SOURCE method.
  • Default mount. - This allows you to define a global set of defaults for ALL mounts. This way you can use e.g. url-auth for sources and or listeners also for dynamically generated mounts.
  • Web interface redone -
  • Web output properly redone, credit to ePirat.
  • Added <audio> element for supported audio streams.
  • Now validates completely as XHTML1.0 strict.
  • Also improves rendering on mobile devices.
  • Added basic JSON API (/status-json.xsl) based on a xml2json template by Doeke Zanstra (see xml2json.xslt). Output is roughly limited to data also visible through status.xsl.Send charset in HTTP headers for everything, excluding file-serv and streams.
  • Allow (standard strftime(3)) %x codes in <dump-file>. Disabled for win32.
  • Added stream_start_iso8601, server_start_iso8601 to statitics. ISO8601 compliante timestamps for statistics. Should make usage in e.g. JSON much easier. Added as new variables to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.
  • Now compiles for win32 using mingw
  • Added options "headers" and "header_prefix" to URL based listener auth.
  • Updated listener_remove handler, added ip= and agent=,
  • Allow full URLs to be returned by the master server.


  • Override supplementary groups if <changeowner> is used
  • Fixes for some race conditions
  • Dropped debian packaging directory as debian use their own.
  • Send proper HTTP headers in responses to clients.
  • corrected Content-Length: header in admin (raw) requests. Thanks to paluh for reporting.
  • Escape log entries in access log
  • Fixed a memory leak. Lost headers of stream because of wrong ref counter in associated refbuf objects.
  • avoid memory leak in _parse_mount() when "type"-attribute is set
  • Updated web interface to be XHTML compliant.
  • Removed status2.xsl from release. It was only a broken example file anyway.

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