Nieuwe versie Sam Broadcaster Pro 2014.3

Er is een nieuwe versie van Sam Broadcaster Pro 2014 uitgekomen, wij hebben hem al geïnstalleerd. Zie hieronder de veranderingen:

New & Improved

-v2014.3 (18 June 2014)
* Broadcast Control: Broadcast Mode selection now a Toolbar icon
* Broadcast Control: More Abbreviated terminology for status in Toolbar view
* Broadcast Control: Audio Source Selection in toolbar
* Broadcast Control: Changes to Song formatting and the addition of duration information passed to relevant source frames.
* SAM VIBE Integration improvements to stability by better websocket management
* Default inclusion of cmd://switch mp3 file for automated switching of Live SAM VIBE sources
* Additional layouts added for more modern resolutions
* Some encoders can now detect when they have not received initial audio data
* Removal of some legacy version terminology
* Fix for 200 error for Live365 streams
* Fix for Unable to edit or remove ROBUST WMA stream encoders
* Minor UI changes to Update bar


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