Icecast Release 2.4.1

Verbeteringen voor Icecast : (wij hebben de versie al draaien in een test omgeving)

  • Fix to work properly on OS X
  • Removed threadpool from the example config (it is long gone and unused)
  • More detailed logging:
    Add source IP adress to source start/stop logging
    Add mountpoints to some log lines
  • Fix logging to send errors to STDERR prior to opening log files
  • Fix in default mounts () to work properly
  • Fix the JSON status API (status-json.xsl), which could return invalid JSON in some cases
  • SSL Security improvements:
    Disable SSLv3
    Disable SSL compression
  • Updated the default ciphers to be more secure
  • Handle empty strings in config file better
  • Fix logging of client connection duration time on Windows
  • Fix possibly broken XML on Windows
  • Require Content-Type header for PUT requests
  • Fix on-connect and on-disconnect script STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR corruption
  • due to shared file descriptors. (CVE-2014-9018)
  • Fix JSON access by adding support for global and mount specific custom HTTP headers

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