SHOUTcast version 2

shoutcast-logoThe most widely used product in the radio streaming business

SHOUTcast is delivered in the XS4ALL data centre in Amsterdam. You can choose to use a control panel such as Centovacast, MSCP pro, Azuracast with it. This gives you more control over your streaming product en enables you to see statistics.

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Icecast v2

icecast-logoMore options with Icecast v2

Icecast can deliver exactly the same as SHOUTcast, but has more options such as streaming on IPv6, SSL and hidden statistics (status page). No one can see how many listeners you have, fall-back settings (for back-up/live events). Pay-for-play, create/manage listening accounts in the icecast management web interface

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Control panel for online Autodj/live streaming

centovacast v3 Azuracast MSCP proControl panel with possible AutoDJ (streaming without PC)

Centova Cast, Azuracast, MSCP Pro is a control panel for streaming the products such as SHOUTcast and Icecast. An extra option is the "AutoDj" feature. Allows you to upload songs on our server and they will be played by playlist.  Other options are; cover services, DJ account support, statistics, multiple mounting points / different encoders per mounting point, MP3 and/or AAC + encoders for AutoDJ and Google maps widget

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Radio automatisation software

software2Spacial and ProppFrexx reseller

We deliver and we can help you with the installation of Sam Broadcaster Pro, ProppFrexx on air. There are more programs that can also help you, such as tool breakaway stereo sound processing and AGC settings in Sam; we can always give you advice.