The perfect Web player Generator with covers, works with SHOUTcast v 1 and 2 and icecast v 2

Due to the fact we got a lot of questions about a good web player that works on any device we developed a Web player Generator on
To date jPlayer has been the best choice to use on your website, however the disadvantage is that the code is quite complicated and the default player lacks many important features such as Nowplaying.

This is why we developed an application which makes it very easy to install a player on your site without HTML knowledge.


The jPlayer generator has the following features (watch an example here):

  • Now playing (renew automatically)
  • Show covers show if any, will be displayed via itunes
  • Upload logo in jpg, gif (animated gif) or png format
  • Station name and slogan
  • External listening link for Winamp/itunes
  • Links for facebook and twitter

The player has been tested with Windows 7 and 8, with IE 7 8 9 en 10, Chrome and Firefox. With Mac OS X, iOS 6 and 7 and Android 4.1 and 4.2 and Linux Centos 5 Icecast, SHOUTcast v1 and v2 streaming products work  (only mp3 format).

We recommend you to access the player via a button on your website.

You can do the following:

  1. Use the jPlayer generator.
  2. Save the embed code in a basic HTML page that is called jplayer.html.
  3. Place a button on your site and link it to the jplayer.html page via a hyperlink.

The auto-play does not work in preview mode, the auto-play does work if you insert the embed code into your HTML page and then make the request.

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