Digital Realty datacenter Amsterdam in Holland streaming

We provide streaming hosting in the Digital Realty data center in Amsterdam and use the network of DC1.Amsterdam.

Network/Servers data:

  • 2 x 10 Gigabyte connections to data centre (redundant)
  • Redundant power groups on redundant (dual) power supplies for servers
  • Each server is connected to 2 Gbyte ports and each port on a different router
  • Only HP servers DL3XX are installed in RAID config
  • Monitoring every 2 minutes by Zabbix, Cacti and Nagios per text alert and  externe monitoring

The Digital Realty data center in Amsterdam where our servers are housed is in second place of the ten best data centers. Quality So!

Beste en snelste routes naar radio streaming diensten product

Through our partner DC1.Amsterdam we get access to the best networks and routes. Our partner aims to be in the top 5 of the best business class networks. Our network cabinet in the DC1 is equipped with the fastest and latest version type of core routers that are connected in redundant mode (VRRP).

Network Live-streams redundant streaming broadcasting

The data center is ISO27001 certified

Click on here (external check services) to view a part of the status of our network.