jPlayer Web player

We deliver a free web player (jPlayer v2) with your SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast v2 ssl/http stream that works on a PC, a Mac and mobile devices.
We think that this web player is very important for your listeners because some people do not want or are unable to use Winamp/iTunes or media player.

The web player has the following functionality:

  • Shows your radio name and slogan
  • Shows cover images of the associated songs (auto refresh)
  • Submits own logo (square) format in jpg, gif of png format
  • Now playing (auto refresh)
  • No flash only HTML5
  • SSL /HTTPS (works only tcp port 80, 443 or 8000-8600)
  • Extra listening link for iTunes or Winamp
  • Links to your facebook or Twitter account.

Jplayer icecast SHOUTcast webplayer cover nowplaying

(click here to see a working example)

As of Google Chrome 80, mixed content is no longer supported. If the stream is without SSL and the website is with SSL, the stream will no longer be played. Other browsers follow the example of Google. The solution is to set the stream to SSL