jPlayer Web player

We deliver a free web player (jPlayer v2) with your SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast v2 stream that works on a PC, a Mac and mobile devices.
We think that this web player is very important for your listeners because some people do not want or are unable to use Winamp/iTunes or media player.

The web player has the following functionality:

  • Shows your radio name and slogan
  • Shows cover images of the associated songs (auto refresh)
  • Submits own logo (square) format in jpg, gif of png format
  • Now playing (auto refresh)
  • No flash only HTML5
  • SSL /HTTPS (works on tcp port 80, 443 or 8000-8600)
  • Extra listening link for iTunes or Winamp
  • Links to your facebook or Twitter account.

Jplayer icecast SHOUTcast webplayer cover nowplaying

(click here to see a working example)

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