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SSL https streaming for Icecast Free

Our icecast streaming accounts we deliver free https/ssl streaming. Streaming account starting for 50 slots on 192 Kb/s 25,- euro/month include a v2 https (jplayer webplayer)  See here a example of https streaming for mp3, opus, flac
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Release Stream reporter 1.0

After six months of hard work we’re glad to announce that StreamReporter 1.0 is finished and ready for testing. It took a bit longer than expected but the result was worth the waiting. In this demo you can see the realtime streaming results of a dance station from The Netherlands called Intense Radio Surf to:…
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Stream Reporter the new standard for monitoring internet radio stations

Lately we receive more and more questions from our customers asking us if it’s possible to provide more extensive stream statistics for their radio station. They like to use the statistics for themselves but also their advertisers. For this group it’s very important to know how much streamstarts and listeners a radio station has per…
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AACplus Flash player for Icecast v2 KH

We have a special version of Icecast (KH) which supports AACplus with the Flash player. So you don't need an expensive Wowza or a Flash Streaming Media Server any more. Watch the demo here. For the demo with the JWplayer please click here.          
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