Icecast v2

GraphicsIcecast streaming media server is a product comparable to SHOUTcast. You can stream the following formats with Icecast v2:

  • mp3PRO
  • AAC+ (KH)
  • OGG
  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • OPUS

Why Icecast and not SHOUTcast?

  • 1 account can deal with multiple streams (depending on config and wishes)
  • IPv6 streaming support
  • Icecast SSL/HTTPS streaming
  • Screened statistics (status page). Nobody can see how many listeners you have
  • Fallback setting (for back-up/live events). See the diagram at the bottom of page
  • Pay-for-play, create/manage listening accounts in the icecast control web interface

Offer (able to listen to anywhere) with free web player

50 slots on 192 Kb/s € 25.00 a month
100 slots on 192 Kb/s € 42.00 a month
50 slots on 320 Kb/s € 35.00 a month
100 slots on 320 Kb/s € 55.00 a month


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Why choose live-streams for Icecast v2 hosting?

  • Very high quality servers (HP) in the best network/data centre in Europe
  • Years of experience of Icecast streaming with Linux (since 2006)
  • Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day with the following tools: Nagios and cacti
  • High uptime 99.99%
  • 24/7 emergency number and during office hours technicians are present in DC.
  • Free and unlimited support (phone support)
  • Graphical statistics, every 5 minute monitoring per day, month and year
  • Flexible adjustment of slots on stream
  • Quick setup of radio stream, often within one workday
  • Your listeners don't have to download any plug-in to listen to our streams.
  • Opportunities to try first
  • Mailing list, stay automatically informed of maintenance and activities
  • Gratis sub-domain

Terms and Conditions of streaming icecast:

  • Minimum 20 downloads per stream.
  • Prices are per month and exclude VAT.
  • Invoicing for streaming is a month in advance.
  • If the total streaming amount is under 10 € per month it will be charged automatically on a two-monthly basis.
  • You can terminate the contract at any time after the first 2 months.

You are solely responsible for the content of your stream and you must be responsible for notifying Buma Stemra and Sena.

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